Terralong Farm

Jarretts Lane, Kangaroo Valley, NSW 2577


Terralong Farm is located in Jarretts Lane, Kangaroo Valley which is south-west of Sydney, between Moss Vale and Nowra.

Finding the farm from Kangaroo Valley village is easy.  It is 5 minutes from the village, and overlooks the valley.  The access road is almost totally sealed right to the front door and is easily accessible by 2WD vehicles in all conditions.

From the village centre head south along Moss Vale Road.  Turn right into Jarretts Lane, which is the first intersection you will see.  Follow Jarretts Lane up the hill and across a cattle grid next to a Private Road sign; Terralong starts at that sign.  Keep going up the hill and after a couple of hundred metres take the right hand fork at an intersection and keep climbing.  A couple of hundred metres further on, you will see a turn-off on the right between two big boulders, next to some cattle yards.  Take that right turn and about 200 metres later you'll see the back gate to the garden.  Drive down to the house - you can't miss it.

Map to get from Kangaroo Valley Village to Terralong Farm

Getting to Kangaroo Valley

Below is a location map of Kangaroo Valley and a set of instructions for getting there from Sydney or Canberra.


Map of the Shoalhaven area showing location of Terralong Farm

From Sydney

There are two ways to get to Kangaroo Valley from Sydney.  Each takes about 2 hours 15 mins from the CBD.

Route 1- The Road along the Coast

Head south out of Sydney along the expressway towards the airport, then take the General Holmes Drive to Sans Souci.  Then cut across to the Princes Highway, which you follow until the freeway.  This takes you through Wollongong and then becomes the Princes Highway again.  Continue on until you reach Berry; a couple of blocks after the Berry main street shops, turn right at the sign that says Kangaroo Valley.

This very scenic though narrow road winds steeply over Berry Mountain into Kangaroo Valley.  Turn right at the Nowra Road T-intersection to head towards Kangaroo Valley village.

Terralong Farm is off Jarretts Lane, which coming from this direction is the first left-hand turn after crossing Nugents Creek, just before you get into the village.

Route 2 - The Road via Bowral and Fitzroy Falls

(recommended route)

Take the M5 East and then continue along the freeway until the Mittagong exit.  Take this exit and at the traffic lights in the main street in Mittagong take the left-hand fork into Bowral Road.  Continue through to Bowral and along the main street until the second roundabout.  Turn left into Kangaloon Road which has signs to Nowra via Fitzroy Falls.  Follow this road straight ahead for about 30 mins until you reach a T- intersection at Fitzroy Falls.  Turn left, following the sign to Nowra (NB Don't turn left until you get to that T-intersection.  There is an earlier intersection at a major road with a stop sign, BUT just go straight across that major road and keep on until you get to a real T-intersection.  Some people have mistaken that earlier intersection for the one where you're supposed to turn left, and have wound up down near the coast having gone through Robertson - not recommended.)

From Fitzroy Falls you then wind down into the valley along a good road through some hairpin bends, and then along into the village, having crossed the single-lane historic Hampden Bridge over the Kangaroo River.

Terralong Farm is off Jarretts Lane, which coming from this direction is the very first right-hand turn after you pass through the village centre and start to leave the village.

From Canberra

Kangaroo Valley is about 2 hours 30 minutes drive from Canberra CBD.

Follow the Federal Highway and then the Hume HIghway towards Sydney.  Continue past Goulburn and Marulan then take the Moss Vale exit onto the Illawarra HIghway.  Once through the centre of Moss Vale take the third exit at the roundabout following the signs to Fitzroy Falls and Nowra.  A few kilometers along this road there is a turn off to the right signposted to Nowra via Fitzroy Falls; take this turn and then the next left at a T-intersection.  Once you pass through Fitzroy Falls follow the directions as per Sydney Route 2 above.

You can also reach Kangaroo Valley via Batemans Bay and Nowra but that adds about an hour to the trip.  If you are coming from Batemans Bay then head through Nowra and across the bridge over the Shoalhaven River.  After a series of roundabouts you will see a sign to Kangaroo Valley and Moss Vale; turn left at this roundabout and follow the road straight through to Kangaroo Valley.  It gets fairly windy in places so take care.