Terralong Farm

Jarretts Lane, Kangaroo Valley, NSW 2577

Welcome to Terrralong Farm

Terralong is a 150 acre cattle farm perched on a hill just 4 minutes from the shops and cafés of Kangaroo Valley village.

There is one house on the farm.  Stuart, the Manager, checks on the cattle occasionally, but otherwise guests really do have the whole place just to themselves.

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The house is set in a large, well established garden and looks north, east and west over the valley to the escarpments on the other sides.  It is a spectacular spot.

In the cooler months a fog is formed on the valley floor, so the front lawn seems to border a white lake which stretches to far away cliffs.

It has been said that Terralong probably has the best positioned house in the whole valley – it faces north-east and enjoys unsurpassed views; it is just above the fog line; it is at the top of a slope which catches and accentuates cooling breezes in summer, but is protected from southerly weather in winter; and still is near the village, which is hidden just 4 minutes away at the bottom of the hill behind a gum forest.

The cattle are silver Murray Greys, a breed noted for their gentle nature.  But mothers with young calves should be given a fairly wide berth, as they can feel threatened. The herd is rotated through the paddocks, so please leave all gates as you find them.

About 50 acres of the property is bush, the rest green pastures.  There are some great walks to the tops of the hills, and the views from all over the property are pretty special.

Kite flying is always a favourite activity, as is badminton or football on the front lawn. Afterwards a long BBQ lunch at the redgum table under the big Chinese elm is a great way to relax.

There is a citrus orchard near the house, so feel free to sample the fruit.


Kangaroos and wallabies usually come out to sun themselves in the late afternoon.

Wombats are common, especially at night.

The odd echidna can be seen padding around at any time.

There is a cheeky fox who only displays himself at a distance.

Wedge-tailed eagles ride the thermals from the valley floor, circling at about the same level as the house.  Flocks of black Major Mitchell cockatoos sometimes fill the trees.